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The Homestead

The Homestead is situated at 11 Church Street in Historic Devonport. In the 1860's it built as was three terraced cottages which were used as additional accommodation for the Masonic Hotel which was built by the same boat builder.


In the 1880's Robert Duder bought the property as the family home for his new bride, Polly, whol had admired it as a girl and dreamed of living there.

Robert and Polly turned two of the cottages into the main house - the Duder Homestead;  the third cottage remained as separate accomodation and is now the Apartment.


The Duder Homestead


The Duder family lived in the main house for over 90 years. Robert and Polly had  five daughters, all born in the house. Isabel was born in 1881 and she was the first baby to be batptized at the Holy Trinity Church across the road. Mignonette, born in 1882,  suffered from  goitre and never married - she lived her entire life in the family home  with her mother. The other girls were May, Ivy and Florence who was married to an All Black. Their playing, singing and acting made the Duder girls popular members of the local community.


After Robert's death, Polly and Mignonette split the house into four flats in order to get an income from their property. The Duders finally sold the Homestead in 1967 and in the 1970's the house was superbly restored as a family home by Ted Oldfield and his sister.


When Helen and Kerry  McNae returned to New Zealand from the UK in early 2000 they were looking for accomodation for their young family in Devonport. It was love at first sight when they saw the Homestead and over the past 15 years they have lovingly restored the original features while bringing up their four children.


Today the property stands as one of the oldest remaining homesteads in Auckland, of which Helen and Kerry are the proud guardians.


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